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New job or trading?

Hello all!
I'm a 23 year old male who has been in the workforce since HS, most of that time being in my father's convenience store so little to nothing to show for that.
I've known that I want to branch into the territory of self-management and self-reliance for quite some time now but I'm stuck in a bit of a rut. I currently work for a temp agency as a shipping clerk for a 3PL. The pay definitely isn't bad for my age/position/experience (~$15/40hrs), but I find, regardless of anything, I kinda dread going into work everyday. I usually find this irritability to fade by the time I've been there for a few hours, but it's def. not something I look forward to in the mornings. That and my hours usually mean I'm getting off in the dead of the night; a lifestyle that I've lived for quite some time and am not at all a fan of. I find it to be really bad for social life, general sleep pattern, and overall sense of wellbeing. The other shipping clerks aren't really in a position to work these hours with their schedules.
For a long time now, I've been reading up on plenty of PF material; investing, business building, and the like. Especially trading. I've adjusted my PF habits a lot. Whereas I used to get $1.6k untaxed from pops' store and spend nearly all of it, now I save nearly everything I can. I have a Wealthfront account that I deposit a few hundred into every month. I'll soon get my 401k and, potentially, a Roth IRA. Have an excel sheet I update with all expenses and capital. It's been a big improvement, at the least, to me. I have very few expenses (live with rents) and only really tend to spend on eating out (which I'm curbing bit by bit with mealprep), gas, and necessities such as toothpaste/shampoo/deodorant/etc.
What I want to ask is, should I utilize a networking/job searching course I have that retails for a few k, or should I continue to study and slowly branch out into trading? FOREX is what I'd like to do and I study it very, very much. I don't want to dive into trading trading until I feel like I have a really solid base level by which to leap from. The general concepts of chart analysis and risk management are very appealing to me, but I don't know if I should really use that as a rationale by which to dive into such a new and foreign system.
What are your thoughts? Am I better off sticking with and riding out my position? Despite my nearly every never-being-on-time issue (which I'm no longer going to let happen), my supervisor has noticed my general speed (i.e. hoards of Windows shortcuts) and novice PC expertise to locate things within our IMS and find information for truck loads. When we get heavy loads from a big account, I update the manager of the facility via email with entry/exit times, etc. - He sent me a personal email (on work email) telling me that he's happy to have a mind as sharp as mine and is always open to direct communication about ways to improve efficiency. That gets me excited and makes me want to dive 200% into learning everything about this business and seeing where I can offer suggestion; but I'm still technically a temp, not even part of the company.
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